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Web Design Inspiration: 7 Places to Look for Inspiration

Web Design Inspiration: 7 Places to Look for Inspiration

Web Design Inspiration: 7 Places to Look for Inspiration

Did you know that 38% of people stop engaging with websites if they’re unattractive?

To keep people engaged, you need a beautifully designed and functional website that keeps your audience interested in what you offer. But where do you go for web design inspiration?

On this page, we’ll provide you with a list of the best websites for inspiration, which includes:

Grab your phone, and let’s go!

Where to find web design inspiration: 7 places to look

1. Siteinspire

First on our list of the best websites for inspiration is Siteinspire. This website is built specifically to inspire businesses when designing their website. It’s a great place to see live websites that have top-notch designs.

siteinspire website inspiration

Siteinspire’s navigation enables you to look for the type of website you want. If you’re looking for a retro website, a grid layout, or something similar, you can navigate to that section and see websites that fit that style.

vintage website design

Using this website lets you see how other companies set up their website and get ideas to inspire your site!

2. Pinterest

If you’re looking for website design inspiration, try looking on Pinterest. Pinterest is an excellent platform for getting creative ideas, and web design is no exception. 

This platform is an excellent option if you’re stuck on what to do with your color palette. You’ll see dozens of pins with color combinations and how they look together. Some may even have the color codes attached so you can implement them into the coding of your website.

pinterest color palette pin

Additionally, Pinterest can inspire you for different types of websites. If you want a minimalist look, for example, you can see pins that showcase the minimalist style.

minimalist web design inspiration

Pinterest is a great place for website design inspiration if you need help with your color palette or your website’s style. You can garner plenty of ideas from the platform and pin them to a web design inspiration board to return to them as you design your site.

3. Behance

Another great place to find website design inspiration is Behance. This website is a great place to get inspiration for graphics and color palettes on your website. 

web design inspiration behance

You can choose an example and get all the information you need about that style. These listings include the colors used and graphics created using those colors.

It’s a great resource if you aren’t sure how to use colors together on your website. When you design your website, you typically have one primary color, one to two secondary colors, and a font color. You may have difficulty deciding what colors should be your primary versus your secondary.

web design color combos

With Behance, you can see the application of different colors and see how you can use them in varying formats. It’s a great way to help you figure out the right color combinations for your website.

4. Awwwards

If you’re looking for website design ideas, turn to Awwwards for inspiration. This website has a database of designs you can turn to if you need ideas for your website. 

awwwards website design

You can search through collections to see different categories of websites and features. Awwwards has categories for navigation, portfolios, and other website features. 

curated websites awwwards

It’s one of the best websites for inspiration because you can see different types of website setups and find features you like or want for your website.

5. Web design agencies

One of the best places to get website inspiration is from web design agencies. Web design agencies continually design new websites for their clients and will publish samples of the websites in their portfolios.

You can explore the company’s portfolio to see the types of websites they’ve created for their clients. It’s a great way to discover websites you like and see what they did to get inspiration for your website!

And best of all, if you need help with your web design and saw a website you liked in their portfolio, you could contact them to see if they could make a similar website for your business!

6. Dribbble

Another great place to get website inspiration is Dribbble. Dribbble has a curation of graphic design pieces that you can look at to get inspiration for your website.

Dribbble breaks down its content into categories like:

  • Animation
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Web Design
  • And more

With Dribbble, you aren’t limited to the web design category. You can explore these other categories to get ideas for your website’s branding or graphics you want to place on your website.

Dribbble helps you find inspiration for what you want to put on your site to attract visitors.

7. Commerce Cream

If you’re looking to design an ecommerce website for your business, Commerce Cream is a great place to get inspiration for your ecommerce site. This website curates the best designs from Shopify to help inspire companies that sell online.

commerce cream web design

You can peruse the website examples and see screenshots of the websites they share. It’s an excellent way to get design and color inspiration for your website.

commerce cream website example

This website is also beneficial if you use Shopify to build your website. You can see what you can create using the platform to make your dream website.

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