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Shopify Apps: 7 Apps for Shopify You Can Use

Shopify Apps: 7 Apps for Shopify You Can Use

Shopify Apps: 7 Apps for Shopify You Can Use

In today’s world, digital marketing is important for every business. But for an ecommerce company like yours, it’s especially vital. That’s because all your sales happen online, so your success depends entirely on reaching an online audience.

For that reason, if you use Shopify to build your ecommerce website, you can benefit immensely from having some additional marketing tools to go with it. Thankfully, you have plenty to choose from, as there’s no shortage of Shopify apps available online.

But which apps for Shopify are the best to use? That’s what we’ll answer below, so just keep reading to learn more.

7 best Shopify apps for your website

There are many different Shopify apps on the market. In many ways, that’s a blessing — but at the same time, with so many options, it can be hard to narrow it down to the best ones. That’s why we’ve done that for you.

Here are seven of the best apps for Shopify!

1. Stocky

Price: Free

One of the most useful apps for Shopify is Stocky. Stocky is primarily an inventory management tool, which is exceptionally helpful for ecommerce companies. So, what is an inventory management tool?

Essentially, Stocky will help you keep up with your product inventory and maintain that inventory on your website. The last thing you want is for a customer to order a product that your site says is in stock, only for it to turn out you’re actually out of that product.

Stocky will show you what’s in stock, what’s getting low, and how much of everything there is left. That allows you to keep your inventory info accurate and stay stocked on your most popular items.

2. Tidio

Price: Free version, or $15+ per month for paid versions

Tidio is a customer service app that helps customers work through problems on your website.

One of the prime features of this app is its ability to sort out low-level requests from more complicated ones. That is, it can gauge whether a request can be handled by its chatbot or if it needs to be handled by a dedicated support staff member.

You can use Tidio to put together custom chatbots, so you don’t just have to rely on a generic option for your website. Tidio also supports multiple languages, which is particularly helpful if you service different countries.

3. Personizely

Price: $29+ per month

As you might expect from the name, Personizely is a personalization tool. Specifically, it offers website personalization capabilities. The idea is to make your website look a little bit different for each person who visits it.

The way Personizely works is that it gathers data on the people who visit your website. That data includes their behavior on your site and demographics like their location. Based on that information, it shows them different recommendations and pop-ups on their return visits.

Consequently, each visitor has a custom experience on your website tailored specifically to them, encouraging them to engage with you and buy your products.

4. BetterReplay

Price: Free

There are many tools that can track user behavior on your website. But many of those tools give general information about which pages were visited the most and how long people stuck around. So, what if you want more detailed info? You turn to BetterReplay.

BetterReplay doesn’t stop at gathering baseline data — it records entire sessions on your website, letting you rewatch them to see exactly what each user did. You can see every pause, click, and moment something catches a user’s eye.

This detailed information helps you better understand your customers and figure out how to optimize your website.

5. Change Commerce

Price: Pay-as-you-go, or $270+ per month

Another of the best Shopify apps is Change Commerce. This app is a bit different from the others on this list because it’s a charity-based app.

By “charity-based,” we mean that this app allows customers to donate money to a particular charity whenever they purchase something on your website. The Change Commerce widget — which you can place on your product or checkout pages — manages the whole donation process, so you don’t have to do anything.

On top of being a great way to appeal to customers who want to do good, it’s also a means for you to give back to the community as you continue to boost your revenue.

6. Shopify Email

Price: 2500 emails free, then $1 per email after that

Web design isn’t the only type of marketing strategy that uses Shopify apps. With Shopify Email, you can also boost the quality of your email marketing.

Shopify Email will help you gather subscribers via forms on your website. It will then allow you to automate your campaigns, sending out emails to all the subscribers on your email list. You can craft those emails right in the app, choosing from various templates or creating emails from scratch.

Best of all, you can track the results of your campaigns to see how effective they are at converting users.

7. Recart

Price: $29+ per month

The final entry on our list of the best Shopify apps is Recart. Recart exists for a single, simple purpose — to help you gain more subscribers for your SMS and email campaigns.

Ordinarily, you’d have to create forms and place them strategically around your site. Users would then have to fill out several boxes on the form to subscribe. With Recart, however, things are a bit simpler. 

Recart boasts its “two-tap subscribe” feature, which allows users to sign up faster.

This leads to you getting more subscribers, since they aren’t put off by longer forms. Overall, it’s a big win for your company!

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