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6 Phenomenal Website Security Tools for Your Company

6 Phenomenal Website Security Tools for Your Company

6 Phenomenal Website Security Tools for Your Company

When you leave your company’s office at the end of the day, what do you do? Do you have everyone leave all the doors unlocked and the windows open so anyone can walk in overnight? Probably not — odds are, you lock up to keep out intruders.

The same is true of your website. The Internet might not have cat burglars, but it most definitely has malicious hackers and bots that would love to break into your site. It’s important to keep those intruders out of your website, which is why you can benefit from using website security tools.

But which tools should you use? There are plenty of tools for web security available online, and they all do different things. Fortunately, we’re here to help you narrow it down to some of the most helpful platforms.

Why do you need tools for web security?

The last thing you want is to have hackers breaking in and stealing valuable information or driving away potential customers. But why do you need tools to help you prevent that from happening?

Put simply, you can’t do everything on your own. There are many potential vulnerabilities on your site, and if you try to monitor every single one of them with the naked eye 24/7, you’ll struggle to keep up.

Web security tools, though, can help you monitor all parts of your site at once. Unlike you, your tools won’t need to sleep or spend time managing other elements of your business. That means you can let those tools do the work so you can rest easy knowing your site is secure. 


6 website security tools for your business

Now that we’ve established the importance of using tools for website security, you want to decide which tools you should use. There are a lot of options, but don’t worry — we’re here to help you pinpoint the best ones.

Here are six of the most helpful web security tools for your business:

1. Sucuri

Price: Free

web security tool sucuri

One of the first web security tools to consider using is Sucuri. Sucuri is both simple and free, making it an ideal place to start with your web security.

To use Sucuri, all you have to do is head over to its website and plug in your site’s URL. Sucuri will then run a full audit of your website, searching for vulnerabilities on the front-end. It will produce a report of its findings for you to review.

Bear in mind that because Sucuri doesn’t have access to all the back-end elements of your website, it won’t catch everything. It’s a fantastic tool for catching glaring front-end issues, but you don’t want to rely on it by itself.

2. Quttera

Price: $10+ per month

web security tool quttera

Like Sucuri, Quttera is a tool designed to scan your website for any existing issues. However, it’s a bit more in-depth. It uses an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) program

 to search for any malware or spyware on your site. It can even detect phishing attempts!

Quttera can do more than find malware — it can also help you remove it. When it discovers viruses on your website, it will notify you first, and then work on helping you purge those viruses.

This tool isn’t a replacement for advanced malware removal software, but it’s a handy resource to have.

3. Detectify

Price: $50+ per month

web security tool detectify

Detectify is another tool designed to scan your website for vulnerabilities and viruses. However, unlike Sucuri and Quttera, Detectify is more advanced and in-depth, which is reflected in the monthly cost.

When you use Detectify, it will scan your website for more than 1500 potential vulnerabilities. It will then provide reports to notify you of what it finds.

One of the most interesting facets of Detectify is that the tests it runs are crowdsourced from a small army of “ethical hackers,” meaning you’re getting help from the same people who know exactly how potential hackers think.

4. Cloudflare

Price: $20+ per month

web security tool cloudflare

Cloudflare is a web application firewall (WAF). That means it assesses all the traffic coming into your site to ensure it’s legitimate. It can catch any incoming malware and stop it in its tracks.

Cloudflare is also a top-tier tool for protecting against distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks. DDOS attacks are where hackers overload websites with false traffic so that they crash. But with a WAF like Cloudflare, you can easily catch false traffic and prevent it from crashing your site.

5. Duo

Price: Free, or $3 per user per month for an upgraded version

web security tool duo

Not all hackers will try to enter your website by breaking in with viruses. Some will use brute-force attacks, where they guess different passwords until they get it right. Many hackers are excellent at guessing passwords, making it a common method.

Thankfully, you can use Duo to guard against those attacks. Duo uses two-factor authentication (2FA) on your website, which means that whenever you or one of your team members log in, you must verify your identity through both your password and a phone call or text message.

That way, even if a hacker guesses your password, they won’t get in because they won’t pass the 2FA.

6. Beagle Security

Price: $49+ per month

web security tool beagle security

The final web security platform on this list is Beagle Security. Beagle doesn’t look for existing threats on your site, nor does it guard for incoming malware. Instead, it uses web application penetration testing to look for weak spots in your defenses.

Essentially, Beagle will simulate attacks by hackers or bots, looking for ways to break through your firewalls and antimalware software. If it finds a way in, it alerts you to that vulnerability so you can patch it up.

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